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Diffinity Genomics acquired by Chiral Technologies. 

Diffinity Genomics issued patent for their technology "Spatially inhomogenously functionalized porous media and method for use in selective removal of contaminants".  The patent was issued June 23, 2015. 

Employment Opportunities

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Diffinity Genomics, a part of Chiral Technologies, is developing multiple products in two high growth market segments: nucleic acid isolation and molecular diagnostics.  Diffinity has launched its initial product, the Diffinity RapidTip for PCR Cleanup, and is poised to bring to market a pipeline of new products.

We value talented professionals with the experience and skills - but also the motivation & desire to  join a fast growing, exciting business!   We will be continuing to add positions as we grow, so please check back often.

Current Openings:

We have no opportunities at this time.