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Diffinity Genomics acquired by Chiral Technologies. 

Diffinity Genomics issued patent for their technology "Spatially inhomogenously functionalized porous media and method for use in selective removal of contaminants".  The patent was issued June 23, 2015. 

Diffinity RapidTip2 for PCR Cleanup with Polymerase Removal

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Diffinity RapidTip2 for PCR Cleanup with Polymerase Removal

  • One Minute PCR Cleanup
  • Effectively removes dNTPs, primers, primer-dimers, and DNA polymerase
  • Yields cleaned, high quality DNA
  • Use in downstream applications such as restriction digest, T-A cloning, and pre-Sanger sequencing reactions
  • Cleans a 50ul PCR sample volume

The Diffinity RapidTip2 functionalized pipette tip contains proprietary Diffinity resin that enables fast, effective cleanup of PCR samples in one minute, in one step using just our RapidTip2 tip and a pipettor!

In just one simple mixing step, the RapidTip2 binds the impurities in a PCR reaction while leaving just the cleaned amplicon in solution.  DNA polymerase is removed to undetectable levels along with up to 90% of dNTPs, primers, and primers-dimers which bind to the technology inside of the tip.

The RapidTip2 is different than the original RapidTip for PCR Cleanup (Pre-Sanger Sequencing) in that it's optimized for a 50ul PCR sample volume and has been tested to additionally remove standard, hot start, and proofreading DNA polymerases. 

The RapidTip2 is easy to use and environmentally friendly, too.  Everything you need to clean your PCR sample is contained in the tip - no additional reagents, consumables, or energy consuming capital equipment is needed.  When you're done with your purification, just toss the tip in regular lab trash.

Catalog Number Description

Diffinity RapidTip2 (96) for PCR Cleanup w/Polymerase Removal
1 Box of 96 tips (Compatible with universal pipettes)


RR050-096L* Temporarily Out of Stock Diffinity RapidTip2 (96) for PCR Cleanup w/Polymerase Removal
1 box of 96 tips (Compatible with Rainin LTS® pipettes)

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