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Diffinity Genomics acquired by Chiral Technologies. 

Diffinity Genomics issued patent for their technology "Spatially inhomogenously functionalized porous media and method for use in selective removal of contaminants".  The patent was issued June 23, 2015. 

Diffinity DNA RapidExtract™ Kit

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Fast. Simple. Efficient.                                                            

Try the new Diffinity DNA RapidExtract Kit for extracting PCR-ready DNA by rapid cell lysis from plants (leaf or seed), animal tissue, cultured cells, or blood. Use one kit for all of these sample types!

No special storage of the kit is needed - just keep on your shelf at room temperature.  

One kit contains two reagents, Solution A (5 ml) and Solution B (0.7 ml) and a user guide.

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Kit size

REXD-50/250 Diffinity DNA RapidExtract Kit - 5 ml 250 reactions for blood samples or
50 reactions for non-blood samples 

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Fast: A single 10 minute incubation step

Simple: Easy to use protocol for multiple sample types


Efficient: High quality results in record time 

For RapidExtract orders please call Customer Service at 1-800-624-4725 or email your purchase order to