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Diffinity Genomics acquired by Chiral Technologies. 

Diffinity Genomics issued patent for their technology "Spatially inhomogenously functionalized porous media and method for use in selective removal of contaminants".  The patent was issued June 23, 2015. 

Diffinity RapidTip - Pre-Sanger Sequencing

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Diffinity RapidTip® for PCR CLEANUP
It’s all in the tip!

  • One minute PCR cleanup of DNA template to use in a Sanger cycle sequencing reaction 
  • No bind-wash-elute, enzymes, or use of magnetic beads
  • Removes dNTPs, primers, and primer-dimers <40bp

The Diffinity RapidTip functionalized pipette tip contains everything you need for PCR cleanup prior to a sequencing reaction (e.g., Big Dye). The tip is filled with our proprietary adsorption technology that has a differential affinity for PCR reaction components. The impurities (e.g., single-stranded primers and nucleotides used in the PCR process) are removed from the solution as it enters the pipette tip and mixes with our particles. Dispensing the solution yields cleaned, high quality DNA ready to use in your next application. No capital equipment, reagents or buffers, or enzymes — all you need is a pipettor!

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Diffinity RapidTip Brochure

How It Works

The RapidTip will fit on most conventional single or multiple, or manual laboratory pipettors.  Samples containing DNA and PCR impurities are aspirated into the tip where the impurities are adsorbed onto proprietary surfaces within the tip by mixing for approximately one minute.  Expelling the solution yields cleaned DNA, the desired product.

How RapidTip Works



 Features and Benefits

Excellent Yield 
Recovers up to 90% of high-quality DNA ready to use in subsequent applications.
One Minute, One Step 
Extremely fast and efficient process to rapidly recover cleaned DNA.

Cost Effective  
No capital equipment (e.g., centrifuge, magnetic extractor, vacuum manifold), extra plasticware, or liquids are required. Less labor time required due to simple protocol.

No Bind-Wash-Elute Steps
Eliminates use of large amounts of reagents and time-consuming, tedious protocols.

Effective Purification
Removes up to 90% of primers, ssDNA, and primer dimers.

Large Range of Fragment Length
Returns cleaned DNA fragments of 150bp to 10Kb.

Easy to Use
Single step protocol requires little to no training of lab personnel. 

Environmentally Friendly
Waste is limited to the functionalized tip. No extra materials, tips, columns, buffers, or reagents required to clean PCR product.

Seamless Workflow

Uses standard pipettor so no changes are needed to your current lab workflows. A single RT025 Tip will clean a PCR sample volume of 20-30 µl. A single RT050 will clean a sample volume of 45-55 µl.

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Diffinity RapidTip25 for PCR Cleanup (One Box of 96 Tips)

Diffinity RapidTip50 for PCR Cleanup (One Box of 96 Tips)

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